moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks


On Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 12:45 AM, wrote:
Every “feature request” is indistinguishable from a complaint about the existing product to either resolve or ignore.  It is entirely appropriate that practical "feature requests" from PAID groups of reasonable size receive priority.  
For little individual desires, for help/support, and possibly for bug fixing, then yes, I agree that people with premium groups should have priority. But as an owner of a premium group, I think I can legitimately say that I disagree that I and my paying fellow groups should get priority in having our feature suggestions implemented or considered (I am purposely calling them suggestions, not requests). I, and I know that some others here as well, frequently make comments and suggestions based on wanting to be a good product, not only because we want some particular feature for our own particular groups. Go figure. 

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