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I think we need to consider some simple facts.  Between group hosting providers NONE seems to have a monopoly on MOST popular “features”.  

Paid group funds pay ALL bills and are the sole source of associated salaries/profits.  That means paid groups FINANCIALLY SUPPORT the presence and operational expenses of all unpaid groups at present.

Of all the ideas thrown on the wall before Mark by unsung geniuses, VERY VERY FEW “stick”.  In the majority of cases there is already some way to accomplish almost anything truly necessary with the many tools presently available.  Related efforts of unpaid volunteers do NOT mean that these good people consider their considerable contribution(s) without value.  

People today live in a society so affluent that few perceive the very real difference between a “want” and a “need”.  Because there are NO unpaid group dollars, is it not obvious that feature requests from paid groups ARE “more valid” when apportioning clearly finite resources.    

Every “feature request” is indistinguishable from a complaint about the existing product to either resolve or ignore.  It is entirely appropriate that practical "feature requests" from PAID groups of reasonable size receive priority.   

Perhaps a forum could be established specifically for unpaid groups where their genuine unmet “needs” could be identified and debated SEPARATELY.  If ANY were to result in a specific and collectively agreed “scope of work” to present to Mark, I’m sure he could and would estimate funding necessary to make it happen.  Just as at the post office, faster service costs more.

This would quickly separate the “wheat” from the “chaff”.  We don’t go to the grocery store or the car dealership to convince those there how deserving we are.  We go out into the world and trade our time in some form for money to exchange for what we need AND can afford.
I suggest this path to be the most reasonable and practical “equity” possible between the two types of groups.  

In each case, such “new features” as thus emerge CAN then made available to one and all (or not), as deemed appropriate by management.   




On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 12:03 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
What do you think?

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