moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks


I've been around here for a while now; just about two weeks shy of five years if beta's records are correct. I've learned a lot and I occasionally throw a comment into a discussion. Some days it doesn't get thrown back! And yes, I'm one of those people who pay for Premium groups. Right now three of them, but I hope to convert one back to regular in another year or so. I also have a few regular groups that are not real active. I try not to pester support, as they have enough to do already. Beta and GMF have handled 95% of my needs quite simply and effectively.

I haven't looked at Canny. It's just one more thing I haven't had time for. I try to keep up with beta, and generally do well enough, although I often get in at the end of discussions. What's important here for me is that I DO routinely read beta. And I try to browse all the beta posts, because I know that thread drift will often obscure a good idea.

If I find what I think might be a bug, I bring it to GMF first. If I get feedback that there's a reason for something, I like to know first before bothering Mark with it. For me, GMF acts as that filter. And I'd prefer that enhancements be discussed here in beta rather than Canny - because I know I won't make it there.

I don't use hashtags, but could use them here, I guess, if I have to, I suppose, eventually. Having a menu of primary hashtags would help that, or a responder to my few original posts could add a hashtag.

As for GMF, it is what it is. Don't screw around with renaming it and confuse the thousands who come looking for assistance. The worst thing you can do to a successful business is rename it. As for Group Help - sorry, never heard of it before this. And knowing the knowledge base that's on GMF, I'll keep going there - AND coming here.


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