moderated Re: Non-permitted groups


The conspiracy theory category seems awfully broad. It could
include topics like Area 51, Planet X, Moon landing, Bigfoot,
dollar bill symbology, Flight 007, HAARP, chem trails, JFK,
Lincoln, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg... Perhaps the intended
"objectionable" conspiracies would be eliminated by the
other restrictions?
And therein lies the problem. Some of the ideas you mention (such as chemtrails) are seen by most as disinformation from the tinfoil hat crowd. Trying to define these things is difficult because of what different people define them as. If this was a group, the moderator would handle such comments on a case-by-case basis, as they see fit. Given that Mark is the owner, I'm satisfied with his good judgement to do the same thing. He must, after all, consider the reputation of As has been repeated, there are other places to home such groups.


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