locked Re: renaming GMF


I seriously doubt that this will happen.  From the GMF home page, "This Group Managers Forum (GMF) was founded as a sister to the Group Managers Forum for Yahoo! Groups owners, with the same management but this one is focused on Groups.io instead of Yahoo! Groups."

As far as official or not, on the beta home page it says, "For general Groups.io questions, please see the groups Group Managers Forum and the Group_Help group. Note: those groups are volunteer-led and are not officially run by Groups.io."  The same mention doesn't appear at the top of the site help page in the gray Need Help? area and should probably be added. At the bottom of the page, in the Questions and Bug Reports section, it does say, "Alternatively, if you have a question about something, the best place to start is with the Group Managers Forum, which is a collection of experienced group owners. They're great people and should be able to help."  I think it would be better/fair if Group_Help were also mentioned whenever GMF is though.

Lastly, if the name were changed, there would be nothing to prevent someone else from starting a group with the current name, thus making it even more confusing.


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