moderated Re: Request for Full Date-Time Stamp in Activity Logs #suggestion


Chris Jones wrote on Fri 2019/12/27 12:01 :
Date & Time formats are settable per Account
I set this when I created my GIO account in Apr 2019 to
YYYY-MM-DD and Military Time. It is also the same format
I set in my group's Admin-->Settings-->Default Sub Settings
for new users.

Duane wrote on Fri 2019/12/27 12:01 :
They already have the complete date and time. Just hover the
mouse cursor over the time or date and it will give you the
entire thing.
Ahh, yes, I see. This will do. It displays as Xxx xx, 20xx xx:xx
[example : Dec 28, 2019 01:33]

J_Catlady wrote on Fri 2019/12/27 12:39 :
Perhaps you're asking for a full display ?
Precisely, as per my preference : yyyy-mm-dd HH:mm:[ss]
where [ss] is optional for most people but I deal with
such date/time stamps regularly.

Maybe there isn't enough space for that.

Thanks to all,


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