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Back in the late seventies I started a quick print shop.  Before I had worked in engineering design.  Hired am accounting consultant who immediately handed me a generic “List of Accounts”.  Let’s call THOSE “labels”.

I used that “List of Accounts” to created my own from categories and specifics that I believed had the greatest potential to affect on my “bottom line”.  (Still “labels”?)  This led me into fundamental conflict with traditional filing systems.  If I wanted to check out my “Ink” or “paper” sources and costs I had to ask other people the name of my various sources to access the documents comprising the data necessary to do so.

Because I answered to no one (but the market  ;<), I had all my filing re-indexed (renamed/relabeled?) by subject and then by source/vendor.  THEN I (and ALL of my people) could easily and immediately access such data to make related business decisions.

My point is that “labels" can obscure as easily as clarify when attempting to communicate.  It has been said that copper wire came into being when two lawyers argued over a penny.

Humans seem to habitually obscure simple concepts to consolidate their position in an organization by limiting effective access to the purpose and effectiveness of information and its function.  Just how the concept and unique capabilities of “Hashtags” improve the “clarity challenge” remain unclear to me.  I fail to see how more “information technology jargon” can be of help.

In a debate between mechanics, at some point people have to agree on the terms that define the problem.  Only THEN do one or more solutions become apparent.  People THEN still have to “touch the parts” to physically “FIX the problem".



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As to hashtags…those may be fine for those who understand them and working with them.
It's too bad they weren't simply named "labels" instead of "hashtags," because (although they do have some optional advanced functions in, that's really all they are. You can tell anybody who doesn't understand "hashtags" that it's just a fancy word for "labels."

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