moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks


My vote is for using the Hashtags option!

I just looked at Canny for the first time.  I would prefer to do everything on the .site instead. It is easier to access the Beta group and has a much better appearance than Canny. Plus we are already familiar with the Beta group. Some people only make suggestions every few years.  They are not goinfg to find Canny. 

I also agree with Sandi Dickenson that all group owners should be able to participate in suggesting improvements regardless of whether tge group is basic or premium. 

If we are required to use a hashtag when posting, hashtags will automatically track quantity of requests.  And the group should be moderated to keep other types of posts out of the group. Hashtags can relate to possible tyles of requests--for, example, photos, files, attachments, email service, membership, settings, etc.

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