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Sandi D <sandi.asgtechie@...>

On Fri, Dec 27, 2019 at 01:23 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
possibility of switching off Canny and using hashtags instead, and if we do, how that would look/work.

Hi Mark,

I would support hashtags as a way to organize the various suggestions and determine how much support they garner. When Apple changed their photo storage structure back in 2013ish, I moved to SmugMug. I was impressed with the way SmugMug collaborated with all their user payment tiers. They collected the top 10 suggestions they felt they could implement and then gave their users 3 votes to place among those 10 suggestions. Then SM chose one of the three to begin working on. In the years since, many great site improvements have been acheived, compatibility issues have been resolved and app features added.

I can envision something similar happening with hastags. At the very least they will assist in sorting out what degree of support there is for a particular suggestion. Maybe then you could select those which are most doable for you and then use a data poll to see which garner the greatest support from your users.

I have mixed feelings on giving all the decision making about new features to Premium Groups. They already get elevated support and features that basic groups don't have access to. 

When it comes to features, I would like to see suggestions be open to everyone. Some Basic groups see much heavier participation than are seen in Premium Groups and some Basic Group Owners have a deeper understanding of the ways that their groups work because they have been at it a long time either on this platform or others. Some Basic Groups are philanthropic or non profits and they have different needs from some Premium groups that act as listservs or services. I do believe that Basic Group Owners/Mods have ideas that might garner a lot of support if they were allowed to post them. As would everyday users that are in non paying groups. 

Thanks for bringing up this topic. 
Sandi Dickenson
ASG Volunteers Group.

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