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I’’ve looked at Canny here…didn’t get much from that visit.

As to hashtags…those may be fine for those who understand them and working with them.  Not so much for those of us older folks (who tend to start/own forums) who want  solutions that “just work”.  If my people want to use hashtags, fine; they're available.  But like AppleScript, hashtags are not a function I wish to learn.

I apologize if what follows is considered “off topic”.  If this isn’t the “right” place to bring these concerns, I will gladly “repackage” them if given clear instructions.    

I’ve followed the many posts on this list since late November (yeah, I’m a newbie here) to try to better understand the culture” here at  While I think Mark has walked on water through this period, I see nothing documented that would identify precisely WHAT suggestions/improvements are “on the list” and, of these, which he is seriously considering for implementation whether soon or at some future point in time.   

Most group owners have their hands full just riding herd on their own group(s).  They want a simple series of interfaces that “just work”.  There seems to be a presumption that the alphabet soup of forums here is clear.  Not to me.  I ASSUME “GMF” is a group moderator’s forum.  Haven’t joined.  Should I?   WHY?  What are the appropriate steps to join?   Is there a “GOF” (group owner’s forum”)?

I would describe a “bug” as behavior that is either unplanned or unpredictable…coders or administrators might know this but few users could.  Is not a “feature” just an existing function?  I see MANY of these no one seems to have explained (and posted) in reasonable detail.  

When signed in as “owner”, the “Subscription” tab is pretty clear as is.  “Admin”, not at all.  By playing around with “Members” I have found that the “default sort” is by the date “joined”, but one can sort by any of the headings just by clicking it.  Why isn’t that stated anywhere?  

Our group doesn’t use “invites” or “Direct Add”s.  Reading about “Integrations” makes me suspect this is something best turned off because members might inadvertently violate copyright laws. 

At present the most important concern within my group is fuzzy photos. It appears we are not alone.  Without more information from on how all this works “under the hood” and why, I can’t explain why posted pictures are unacceptably fuzzy or if/when the issue will be addressed.  It would seem this issue affects any and all groups that allow photo attachments.  

How do we make the most of the tools at our disposal?  In “Settings” there is NO explanation as to advantages/disadvantages of “Database” “Max Image Size” options (or examples).  Same for “Max size” in Photos, Email and Wiki.  In “Files” why is there no “Max Image Size” option (or examples)?  

How does one correlate the “resolution” choices offered with standard graphic terms such as dots per inch (dpi) or image or document “{data size" in kB?  What is the scan/storage method that gives the best image with minimum storage overhead, etc?

It’s not a “solution” to post 1MB photos as files that then eat up a group’s storage at an unacceptable rate, yet I don’t see an ongoing discussion anywhereIt would be of considerable benefit to owners new here if there were a “go to” sheet for each subject that explains how the present system works and how to get the most out of it as it presently exists.  

Supposedly simple black and white text documents should be clear at "minimal data” size.  How do we do that?.  Similar “issue” for B&W photos and then for color photos.  

Can I, as Owner, pull a photo or file, manually resize it, and replace it.  Can I manually assign numbers to these (or photos) for ease of reference?
A MAJOR constraint for groups that are (or wish to be) “free” is the 1GB limit on storage.  If one has a subgroup, that becomes 1/2 GB.  That’s not practical in the long term even with occasional document or photo posts. 

Don’t use Aliases, Domains or Promote.  Would like to see message numbers shown in “activity” appended to posts in “Messages” for easy cross reference of specific replies within threads.  In “donations” there is no information as to how to withdraw funds donated. 

There’s a nice breakdown of current group storage utilization in the “Billing Overview”, but that’s a subject  typically checked once a year.  In my humble opinion this information is something to constantly monitor to assure the group’s activity storage usage is consistent with our data limit(s) in the long term.  

I Have yet to see any discussion as to whether next year at renewal time my existing “Premium” subgroup can EASILY become a separate “free group” with it’s own 1 GB storage entitlement.  Anyone else wonder about that?


William Bayne


On Dec 27, 2019, at 12:23 AM, Mark Fletcher <> wrote:


Please, let's limit this thread to only discussing the possibility of switching off Canny and using hashtags instead, and if we do, how that would look/work.


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