moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks

Michael Pavan

On Dec 26, 2019, at 6:34 PM, J_Catlady <> wrote:

I simply think that I and some others are able to make substantial contributions towards helping others asking for information
Agreed, that is the concept of a peer to peer group

(I’ve peeked into GMF recently and several instances of wrong info posted, or info lacking - I’ve seen sent one or two of these to Shal offlist),
and would sincerely like to do so, but are put off by the moderation.
Your correction of misinformation should be sent to the list so that it could be helpful to the misinformed and the misinformer(s).

Sending a complaint to Shal offlist is merely criticizing him for allowing what you perceive as misinformation to not have been Moderated to your satisfaction.

Try giving him (and the other Moderators) the chance to allow your 'correct information' to be helpful.

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