moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks


Yet opinions are getting shut down just on the basis that they are opinions and we shouldn't be expressing them. To paraphrase the politicians, that's a process argument, not a factual one. No one has yet actually argued why total moderation on GMF is so crucial, in response to a number of us (three, so far) who have dared express our opinion that it change from moderated to NuM.

My sentiments exactly; I've been watching this thread with interest, and nobody has yet to actually provide any real substance as to the why; the only replies seem to be douchy insults and the typical childish take-it-or-leave-it attitude BS, and unsurprisingly-enough, those gems of answers are no less provided by the supposedly "real-experts" to the supposedly "pseudo-experts" because they (gasp!) dared express a different opinion ... I mean, really??  Are you guys incapable of participating in a civilized debate, offer a well-structured point/reply as to why some idea is not preferable, and instead devolve into 5th grade schoolyard postering??


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