moderated Re: Feature requests/Canny after two weeks


Opinion vs dialog

There a broad gray line, not a thin one ...  opinions aren’t worth the bandwidth they’re printed on. Everyone has one and no one’s is more valid than another. Green or blue? Cats or dogs? Sweet potato fries or loaded curly fries?

opinions lead to (I’ve said many times) the more vocal piling into the less vocal.  Mee two, mee three, and mee as well.  The number of ayes are irrelevant. As I’ve said, if what one wants is validation, start a frickin survey. It will have as much usefulness as simply opinions expressed herein. 


hint/test - when one feels the need to defend oneself rather than explain or clarify a post (‘er message that is) one has crossed that broad gray line. 

i don’t use that function because....  or.. if gio had it I would because...  or... if that operated differently it would have this benefit...   is meaningful and helpful to mark.  

I don’t give a bull crap what one’s opinion is. Give me factual info to evaluate beta topics, suggestions, requests, etc. 

ps, recall that Mark has shut down topics when they become no more than opinion wars. Buyer beware. 

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