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Simon Hedges



I think that tagging would be good to distinguish between bugs, new features, and other types of email.  But less good, I think at enabling progress on reporting on specific bugs and new features.


For example how are features to be accurately identified for progress tracking (e.g. when we have dozens of emails with titles like “improve reporting” or “adding users” or “poll improvements” or “better colours”, some of which are about precisely the same thing, and some of which are not, and each potentially with several replies?  And probably some of those emails will have several suggestions in, some of which may get picked up for improvements, and some not. 


How will it be possible to search for a list of the currently requested features, any response to them, and a likely priority order?


I run a software development team, and the thought of enabling my users to track progress on the changes they request without a structured bug/feature list, gives me the heebie jeebies.  We use Jira, which is fine, but very expensive for any significant number of users (i.e. more than 10), so I’m absolutely not suggesting that.  But maybe the database function could be used to work in conjunction with the emails – whereby emails are used to submit requests for new features, but a database entry is used (maintained by the change manager) as the master status for that feature.


Just a suggestion.  I do like a list.




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I concur, consolidating all functions to the beta group and "canning" Canny makes the most sense.


On 12/26/19 12:02 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Hi All,


So, it seems that some people are using Canny to submit feature requests and that it can be a useful tool for doing so. I do see a few drawbacks:


- There are still a bunch of posts to beta that would be more appropriate instead as Canny feature requests.

- There is no notification of new posts to Canny on beta. So it can be difficult to know when new things are posted to Canny.

- People who don't run premium groups cannot post to Canny.


I can address the second issue with a custom email summary sent to beta on a regular basis, but that will require some development effort on my part. My main problem with Canny is with the first issue; people will still post feature requests on beta, and the discussion about those feature requests will still happen on beta.


I thought of another way we could address this, using just the beta group and hashtags. We could use a designated hashtag for feature requests (and maybe another for bugs). That would make it easy to address the first issue above; if someone posts a feature request without the correct hashtag, I can just add it. To view all feature requests, just filter on the hashtag. The one main thing that doesn't provide is the ability to sort by popularity (ie likes). However, I could add something like that to the search results page (he says without thinking it through completely).


(Also, I would add 'status' hashtags, like #closed, #planned, etc)


What do you think? I'm willing to continue using Canny if you all think it's a good solution. Or we could switch to something like my proposal. Or something else if someone has a better idea.



Mark (still on vacation)


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