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On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 09:41 AM, Bärbel Stephenson wrote:
I really like the idea of having 3 separate groups for those various strands.
One problem is "enforcement" (or "encouragement") of disallowing basic help questions and bugs to be posted on beta. This occurs frequently and nobody likes playing cop and telling people, especially naive, well-meaning newcomers, to "take it to GMF."

Another problem is that whereas beta is run by (i.e., Mark), GMF is not. I assume that if there is a separate group for bugs it would be have to run by Mark. I don't belong to GMF or Help because of moderation (and other) issues. If there were an "official" (run by or unmoderated Help group I would probably join. I do peek into GMF from time to time (since it is public), see misinformation sometimes being propagated there, and wish that I could make the corrections. But I don't because I don't belong to moderated groups (etc.). So I would appreciate it if some thought could go into who would run these various groups, and if GMF stays the "officially mandated" help group, that Mark specifies that it be unmoderated or, at minimum, NuM instead of moderated.

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