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On Thu, Dec 26, 2019 at 09:03 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
and maybe another for bugs
Are you saying that bug reports would start going to beta again instead of to support? I'm all for this, simply because sometimes the difference between a bug and a feature is unclear, and also because sometimes I come across a bug and wonder how widespread it is and whether others have experienced it. In the "old days," there was a "bug" hashtag, so this would be like old times. 

I would add 'status' hashtags, like #closed, #planned, etc
I like this idea because you could have more statuses than are available on canny (e..g, "not in a million years would this ever be considered" ;) (or something showing that the suggestion will not be implemented, it's closed to comments, etc.) (I supposed "closed" on canny incorporates both "done" and "won't be done, forget about it"?)

There are some aspects of canny that I like, but as the suggestions list grows, it seems like it would get unwieldy. So I would favor going back to beta overall. 

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