moderated Re: Testing new feature request/tracking system

Chris Jones

On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 12:22 AM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
I've restricted the login ability to people who are moderators or owners of premium groups only.
Mark; a large part of me fully understands this limitation (not least because of the possible costs involved inwidening it) but the "remainder" is a little concerned.

It seems to give an edge to those recently migrated from Yahoo who had to pay to relocate, and in many cases they may be reluctant Premium Group Owners, and almost by definition they are probably "inexperienced" group owners, at least as far as is concerned.

Meanwhile Basic Group Owners & Moderators, who are likely to be more experienced and possibly even more committed to the smooth operation of their Groups and by extension itself, are locked out.

I hesitate to shout "isn't fair" for obvious reasons but I sincerely hope that the outcome is that any skewing of the suggestions that make the cut and get adopted simply doesn't happen.


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