moderated Re: Yahoo Groups transfers on and extended to December 5th

Steve G

Hi Mark,

New to I've searched all over looking for a step by step guide on how to transfer a YahooGroups archive and can't seem to find it, so here are some questions.

1.) I know that YahooGroups has shut down so you can't transfer directly from Yahoo any more. However, I have a download file that allegedly contains my entire YahooGroup archive including messages. It's a 1.8GB file. Are you able to import this or is it useless?

2.) If you're able to import/transfer my archive, what are the steps I need to take? Do I first setup a new matching group in and look for the option to transfer data? Or do I send you a transfer request somehow and then you create the matching when you do the transfer? This is not clear to me at all.

3.) I've read messages that mention a charge for the transfer. If so, how much is it? Are there any other charges associated with managing a group on your service?

Thanks very much for your reply & Merry Christmas!


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