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Laurence Marks

Outlawmws wrote
You may know this already,  (but your user may not...) while in most (maybe all) spam folders the mail is "killed" and you cannot respond.  You have to mark it as "not spam" then go find it in your inbox.  THEN it should work again?  (not sure SBC is that mature of an Email service.)

I was just going to write the same thing. For those who aren't aware, (and,,,,, are operated by Yahoo. The webmail was slightly different from native webmail--we had different bugs--but seems to be slowly converging.*

The 1987 MFJ broke up AT&T into the regional Bell companies (baby Bells). In the early-90s they began to offer dialup internet--there was no free email in the pre-Google/Yahoo days. With the advent of free Yahoo mail (1997) and Gmail (2004), free email service was no longer an enticement. It became a cost burden--especially in the support area. Yahoo was looking for subscribers (ad viewers) and the baby Bells were looking to get out from under email, so Yahoo began providing email for all the Bell domains listed in the previous paragraph.

*One major remaining difference between the Bell domains and native Yahoo is authentication (login/password). The Bell users (at least Bellsouth) have the same password for and for If you change it at one place, the other changes too. I believe that AT&T runs a Radius server to do this, but that's just conjecture.


Larry Marks

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