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On December 21, 2019 at 6:35 PM Bob Bellizzi <> wrote:
On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 05:18 AM, RickGlaz wrote:

RG said> > 1+1 WEBmail

I've searched for the 1+1 WEBmail but haven't been able to find it.
I added the new name in a letter reply. Sorry if it got missed.
They did a merger and took the smaller Company name because it
was more associated with their new goals or Target customers.
This is (or nearly?) the biggest Hosting Company in the UK.
They host in the USA too. BUT
Getting there will not help. Killing the connection on what I see here as
the log-on box/page will not cause the orange offline box. THAT box only
comes sometimes when on their Domains, or THEIR emulated/hosted ones like mine.

What will help clarify the issue is



three bullet points received as blank
Can't see or answer, there was no question.

* we know you are using a chromebook
Sometimes, but it is new, about a month old. I use a desktop and have had
this problem since I got here a couple years ago or so...

* how are you accessing
When I used my own Domain WEBmail everything works fine. That was the
orange box picture I sent. It is the expected and hoped for action/reaction.

WHEN I post from the Group WEBsite poster page, THAT is when the reply message
is lost if I'm disconnected after starting a message and/or get disconnected
before I hit send. If connection is lost early enough, no WEBsite
DRAFT is saved. This is proper DRAFT action since there is no connection.

* via email and if email, what email client software and who is your email provider (domain name e.g.,, etc_
No local client email program is EVER used.
Provider is my hosting service. See login address above.
I'm my own Domain Admin and OWN the Domain.
Hosting is rented otherwise.

* via a browser and if a browser, which browser
ALWAYS Google Chrome.

* is your computer connected by cable or wifi
Never Cable, Never Cat5, Always WiFi.@ 100Mbps nominal. 75Mbps just now tested.

* who is your internet service provider (ISP)

* what kind of broadband connection do you have?
FIOS, Quantum (Verizon's word) Router.

* cable or dsl or ?

That, at least might get us into the same general area as you so we could better understand the operation.
I did access that internet program but their website don't tell much about specific functionality, controls, etc.
InternetOff? It breaks into the network stack and puts in a selectable timer with a Max of 1hr on or always on.
It also has an instant off feature. Or always off.
Other than doing exactly what I tell it to do (disconnect me after a certain time), this is not related to
the problem.

I was asking if the same WEBpage functionality seen at IONOS message poster page could be added here,
at the message poster page.

I started asking years ago because what was 1+1 then was not doing replies well concerning Groups and
I was told that I needed to contact them and have it fixed there...
I did, and they fixed it.
So I was able to use my own Web host for posting but I get into trouble when using the hosting at

Summary: The posting at IONOS seems to notify a connection failure (what ever the cause) in real time
and the posting page is brain dead about that very nice feature...

Hope this helps...



Bob Bellizzi

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