moderated Re: Yahoo Groups transfers on and extended to December 5th

Brian Garback <brian.garback@...>

Very clever. I’ll work on it. This is exactly what I need. Just an archive, no need for it to all be in 



On Dec 22, 2019, at 2:06 PM, outlawmws via Groups.Io <Outlawmws@...> wrote:

Brian G - did you see where Yahell has extended the time to request a data dump (they give it to you via Zip file)

The trick I found is you have to give a confirmation (basically MFA) before they start.  its slow, but I requested. (Still waiting...) - I'm told you get a dump of every group you have ever been in  (They have not yet deleted the data just taken it off line to the web pages for the groups...)

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