moderated Re: automatic deletion, why?


On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 03:52 PM, Janis wrote:
I had a member using SBCGlobal removed this week from two groups for marking messages as spam. 
Janis there is an important distinction.  The notice doesn't say THE MEMBER marked a message as spam.  It refers to their email provider as reporting to GIO that a message was marked as spam.  It is IMPORTANT that members KNOW/UNDERSTAND why/how it works and TO CHECK their spam boxes for GIO messages and NOT DELETE THEM (or leave them in there when they clear their spam folder.)  That's when they get reported and the member gets unsubscribed.
Members have a propensity to NOT read the messages -- one complained that he was unsubscribed for SENDING spam,  Sheesh, read much?

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