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RickGlaz <rickglaz4742435@...>

Thanks to everyone that replied, especially Bob for the testing.

It is admittedly a problem I cause myself, and there is no draft
being saved do to the timing of the disconnect. (bummer)

I'll watch for sites that do this differently and report back where
this is handled in a more user friendly way. 

Then it might be a lot clearer when people can hopefully see
the "detection of connection" work as described.

I believe the 1+1 WEBmail hosting does that but it needs
an account to see it.

I'll start testing to see if someplace more publicly accessible is around.
Thanks for your help and considering a solution.

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On Thu, Dec 19, 2019 at 06:52 PM, Bob Bellizzi wrote:
To test this issue, I started typing the message below and then cut off the wifi after the last word below.
I then terminated the instance of chrome that I was using to type my message online.
I waited 10 seconds and then reconnected the laptop wifi to the access point and
I then opened a new tab in Chrome (I had left Chrome running when I killed the wifi)
I reentered and selected Beta group.
Then I looked at my top draft of 8 outstanding and it was the message you see below
I selected it and was returned to the exact place where I exited from.

Yahoo never did save drafts when connections dropped out.
Sorry Rick, 
I reread your message and realized that it's possible you are operating in an email mode with
If this is an email mode issue, it's definitely a software problem at your end.

There is no reason to expect the system to continually poll you once you are disconnected


Bob Bellizzi

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