moderated Re: More attachment size selections requested

Chris Jones

On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 09:31 AM, Glenn wrote:
Do they get a bounce notification? Or does that only go to adminsitrators? How would they even know the message exists, if it bounces?
Glenn; if an email user is sent an attachment that exceeds their mail provider's limit then the provider is liable to bounce it; the user will get no notification at all, and a group owner.moderator will only know about the bounce if they search for it on the individual user's email delivery record. 

By setting a maximum attachment size a user tells not to send attachments to them that exceed that setting but to send a link so that the user can go and find it for themselves. Duane's setting of "0" means that every attachment appears as a link, and it is a perfectly acceptable setting.

Like Duane I am at a loss to see why "huge" attachments should be required, and there is a potential major downside to them. There are occasions when mail providers more or less refuse to play nicely with, and with a great deal of traffic once generated by Yahoo (groups) now being sent by it hands a ready - made excuse to mail providers to start bouncing more of it. Once that starts then users will find themselves getting no traffic whatsoever, not just getting large attachments bounced. I would argue that that would be a significantly greater inconvenience than just having to click a link in an email to find an attachment.


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