moderated Sent Invitations list has inconsistent results when sorted


Doing a manual migration of a Yahoo group, and trying to track which members have accepted, and so the Sent Invitations, sorted by Status, seemed to be a great way to go.

But there are duplicate entries, and missing entries. The right number of Accepted status entries in total, as compared to the default sorted-by-email list.

So I had to resort to copy/pasting them all to a spreadsheet, and sorting by status there, to get the complete list of Accepted (so far) folks.

1. Would be nice if we could just download the list as a TSV or CSV some spreadsheet format
2. Would be nice if the Status sort produced correct results online.
3. I didn't check the sort-by-Invited list for accuracy, but that column is a misnomer... it starts out as the invited date, but then updates to the Failed or Accepted date: which is useful, but not quite an accurate column name. It seems to really be the "date of last status".

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