moderated Re: WEB posting Request.

Bob Bellizzi

While I don't understand how turning off the internet to a computer is useful since, in most cases, you have an intervening router or wifi point and connection to the internet, I guess it might be handy around kids.

Having said that, I have found that I can simply sleep my laptop, even in the middle of composing an email and, when I fire it back up, it brings up at the point I left off.  If it was in the middle of  a compose, that's where I resume with no issue.
Possibly, that's a function of the OS and Google's Chrome browser, but anyway, it's seamless.

Also, since you gave no detail on which revision level of Internetoff you are using,nor what OS platform/rev and what browser & rev, I just reviewed Internetoff's website and rev 3.0 is out and it is supposed to fix the issues with Windows 10.

Bob Bellizzi

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