moderated WEB posting Request.

RickGlaz <rickglaz4742435@...>

Lots of OTHER places (on the WEB) let you write a reply to a Group/list message
and then when you hit "Send", the page checks to see if you are still connected
and warns you IF you are not instead of going to a blank page and loosing the reply.

That seems to be part of the sending WEB page, not something I can do anything about
(More about that next...)

I use the InternetOFF program so my computer disconnects every hour or less.
I have to manually check to see if I "timed out" each time I hit send.
The more complex the reply is, the more likely this is to happen...
Others can or will have similar results for entirely different reasons.

I'm guessing this would not be a high priority item, but since it already exists elsewhere,
it might be easy to research and add<?>


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