moderated Re: Feature request: Cover photo in group message header

Terry Slattery <tcs@...>

On 12/17/19 10:02 AM, Scott Thayer wrote:
The whole exchange about Subject Tags is beyond my ken, but seems to be relevant to the Inbox organization point rather than the aesthetic one.
While Subject Tags can be used to organize messages into separate sub-boxes, it is a simple visual indicator of the group the message is from. I'm not sure why that isn't sufficient for your purpose.

Relative to adding an image, one of my groups has members who are in international locations that have very low and expensive bandwidth. These are on remote islands or in countries with poor (i.e., very slow) Internet access. Adding pictures to each message would not be good for them. While an image tag might be optional, I'm not sure how it would be better than the present Subject Tag.

-Terry (new to this list and to

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