moderated Re: Feature request: Cover photo in group message header

Scott Thayer

Thanks for all the comments.  As a newbie, every posting expands my knowledge/comprehension of this new Groups adventure.  

My motivation is largely aesthetic, which of course yields to practical concerns, and my interest is more directed at my members (who are generally even less tech-savvy than me).  A few replies, if I may:
  • Yes, one can set up auto-file to put messages into sub-Inboxes.  Personally, I find that counter-productive and I abandoned that practice years ago.  Burying incoming mail, especially off-screen where I have to scroll down to see if anything is there, is a time-sink, and I can't tell you the number of times that I've been told "Oh, I didn't notice your message in that sub-box."  I read or otherwise purge incoming emails several times a day, keeping my Inbox to a minimum and largely focused on current action items.  (And have Gmail as the ultimate backup if needed)
  • I appreciate Ken's point about server space, which hadn't occurred to me.  I note, however, that photos of individual users appear in messages (3 so far in this discussion), which suggests that is not a major concern.  
  • The whole exchange about Subject Tags is beyond my ken, but seems to be relevant to the Inbox organization point rather than the aesthetic one.  
  • Perhaps the default cover photo could be elephants and donkeys together?  :-) 
Again, thanks.  

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