moderated Re: Feature request: Cover photo in group message header

Ken Schweizer

Wouldn't this exponentially increase the group's usage depending on the size of the group's cover photo? It would seem to me that this would mandate a large increase in server needs and associated costs.




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From: [] On Behalf Of Scott Thayer
Sent: Monday, December 16, 2019 7:37 AM
Subject: [beta] Feature request: Cover photo in group message header


As a new owner, I suddenly find myself receiving messages from five groups, which are visually indistinct.  I've set some to Daily Summary, which should help.  But it would be aesthetically pleasing as well as helpful if a group's message headers contained the group's cover photo (or logo, if a group has one) to supplement the Gio logo which already appears there.  As someone else pointed out a few days ago, few members actually go to the group's cover page, which is where the photo currently appears.    

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