moderated Re: Feature request


This feature has been asked for by many owners in the GroupManagersForum.

Chris: "Has it? It might be my memory failing but I have no recollection of this cropping up on GMF, at least not "recently" (undefined) and certainly not in the form in which you have expressed it above."

Yes, it has. Especially recently owners of newly transferred groups aked about this old yahoo feature and many before, some even here in Beta. But of course everyone who asked for it was referred to the pending subscription notice as a standard answer.

Frances asked: "Victoria, is this as well as the questionnaire you can have sent out automatically for restricted groups before the person joins?"

To me these are two different things. A quick answer to the question why someone wants to join my group can already give me an orientation and can also signal the seriousness of the application and its urgency.

And I do not find it confusing or complicated to have both. And by the way different groups can have different needs and conceptions, and not every existing feature must be used by everyone.

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