moderated Re: Feature request


On Sun, Dec 15, 2019 at 02:05 PM, Victoria wrote:

1. Inspite of the option to send out a member notice for more information about an applicant before approving him or her, it really would be extremely useful to have them answer the one short question "Why do you want to join this group?" with the first group notice that is sent out to them. This feature has been asked for by many owners in the GroupManagersForum.  And for quite a few groups like mine where health issues are the main topic, it could be extremely helpful to have this question answered before even sending out the member notice for more information.


Victoria, is this as well as the questionnaire you can have sent out automatically for restricted groups before the person joins?
BTW, anyone can read GroupManagersForum, including the wiki without logging into or joining GMF.

Also of course, you can have a welcome notice and guidelines sent out automatically.


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