moderated Re: Feature request

Patty Stokes

Regarding Victoria's request #1: I'd much prefer not to have two rounds of requests for information. I use the auto-reply to ask for all the information I need.

This has been working spectacularly with Back in the bad old Yahoo days, there was a space for prospective members to enter information (prompted by Yahoo - group owners had no control over that). Many would-be members seem to have thought they had already given adequate information and didn't answer the auto-reply message asking for basic data such as their name, reason for wanting to join, etc.

So - with all respect for Victoria - I'm a vote for keeping the questions confined to the single member notice that my group automatically sends out. Anything more is apt to sow confusion, as my experience with Yahoo indicates. 

Warm regards,
Patty Stokes
Berlin Scholars group owner

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