moderated Feature request



so I dare to request two features, now that the big transfer wave is ebbing away:

1. Inspite of the option to send out a member notice for more information about an applicant before approving him or her, it really would be extremely useful to have them answer the one short question "Why do you want to join this group?" with the first group notice that is sent out to them. This feature has been asked for by many owners in the GroupManagersForum.  And for quite a few groups like mine where health issues are the main topic, it could be extremely helpful to have this question answered before even sending out the member notice for more information.

2. And I would appreciate if in the "from"-section in a message sent out by an owner or moderator with the extension there could also be a group owner´s alias instead of the personal alias of the sender - which contradicts the original intention of the owner or moderator to send out a general and not a personal message.

I hope these requests can make it on the to do list. I haven´t seen them there.
Thanks in advance!


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