moderated Ability to.Reassign File Ownership


Hello All,
I am uploading files that I downloaded from the attachment section of our old yg.
All the files show I.uploaded them, which is true. Members were given ample opportunity to upload their own so have no right to complain. They left it up to me so I am the one doing the time consuming task of uploading.But it would be useful in some cases to be able to show they own files that they took time to create.

So far I am doing that by adding their name to the description.  If they sent a bunch of attachments I put them together in one subfolder with a title like John Smith's Attachments.

But is there a way I can give them ownership? The way I am doing it is fine with me, but some people did actually put in some valuable time creating these files to begin with, not just copy and paste from a 3rd source.



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