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That detail about your dad needs to be in the feature story, along with a photo of him laboring over a captcha 😊

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With the great Yahoo Groups migration winding down
If you can (and don't mind), could you give us an estimate of the number of groups that used the Easy Transfer in the 43 day crush (though it seemed much longer)?  Several of us have played with the numbers based on things we can see and come up with estimates ranging from ~ 2000 to 6000.  Obviously not crucial, but a question for the ages.

As a rough estimate, I think it was around 3300 groups. Which means accepting 3300 invites and solving around 3300 captchas. I was very fortunate in that my dad volunteered to help with that. Let me tell you, he is now exceptionally good at identifying crosswalks and chimneys in images!



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