moderated Re: Yahoo has extended deadline for downloading from your group

Dave Wade



Like you I didn’t expected to receive content I had not created but some one mentioned on another group they go everything.

So I applied and received two ZIP files totalling nearly 3GB containing everything from every group I think had ever been a member of, 91 in all.

So Messages, Files, Photos, Links and attachments where these were stored on the server.


To sum up I urge everyone who has enough GB free locally to request their data.




From: <> On Behalf Of Andrew VK1DA
Sent: 11 December 2019 20:21
Subject: Re: [beta] Yahoo has extended deadline for downloading from your group #yahoo


I think we have to treat these announcements with care.  Yahoo refers to “your content” but that does not necessarily mean files and photos, for example.  It may only refer to messages posted by an individual, and no other messages.  The wording is obscure. 

My understanding of the change is that although “content” will generally be removed from December 14, “content” will remain until it has been extracted in response to individual requests.  

So by asking for our content, would that result in the extension of the content deletion date for a specific group? This is not a question I think we can answer here, but equally I doubt if Yahoo would answer it.  


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