moderated Re: Update/Rest of the year

Scott Logan

I'll add my 2ยข worth here too.

First and foremost, thank you to Mark for all the work and I'm sure many headaches, both due to our friends at Yahoo and from so many "newbies". Given the troubles created by Yahoo, I think you've done an admirable job. Glad to hear you've planned some time off, we really don't want you burned out!

As an aside, I feel like I've come "full circle" now.

My group, a combined user support/discussion and (occasional) promotion group for my business was originally started with eGroups in 2000. At that time, there was an option to pay a subscription fee to eliminate ads, which I happily paid (it was not much as I recall). This was much appreciated by my members, many of whom were also customers of my small business.

So now that "little" group has come back under Mark's wing, while in the meanwhile having grown from about 100 members to over 2,500 members. I've also transferred 2 other groups (one of which goes back to 1998) from YG to GIO and helped 2 other groups get moved.

GIO is so far superior to what was available under YG (even when it WAS supported), that it hurts to even place them in the same category.

Thank you Mark and your team!

Scott Logan

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