moderated Update/Rest of the year


Hi All,

I have unmoderated the beta group again. Please keep the discussion focused on new features and not support requests.

With the great Yahoo Groups migration winding down, I can turn back to projects in process before that happened. My focus continues to be on the app. It is almost ready for testing and I will soon create a new subgroup for that. The first version will not have moderator features; it's just focused on normal users. I will also be getting back to work on notifications soon.

I am working this week (although at reduced capacity because of a cold), and then will be on holiday until January 6th. As usual, I'll be monitoring the site. But answers to support requests will be delayed. Due to support volume, I can only answer messages from mods/owners of premium groups at this time. I wish it wasn't so, but that's reality.

2019 was quite a year for 2020 is looking to be even better. Thanks for your support!


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