locked First Impressions of Groups.io


I own a number of Yahoo groups and have been casting around for alternatives - for obvious reasons. I've tried Google Groups and Facebook.

My first impressions of Groups.io are very favourable - the UI is clean, user-friendly, intuitive and attractive, with the better bits of Yahoo Neo plus the minimalism of Google.

My main groups are a mixed bag; a help group for expatriates in France, a group for expat engineers, a former employees group and a golf society group.

The following are the facilities I would like to see added ASAP:

A File Section

A Link Directory

The following would be nice but isn't immediately essential:

A Photo section (being able to post inline or attached photos in messages answers the primary need for photos).

I have no need for:



I hope this helps and I wish those working on groups.io every success in their venture.



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