moderated Features to use as an online email archive for a Yahoo Group



Hopefully you won't boot me for being a heretic, but a question in GMF a bit ago got me thinking about it, so I ran a test.

The original idea was to use an email integration as a way to receive a Y!Group's messages into a group. For archive purposes, as Yahoo won't store them going forward.

Yes, I know, the obvious objection is "why not just get the members to subscribe to the group, post there, and be done with Yahoo Groups".

Honestly, I don't have a very compelling answer to that. I'm imagining a Yahoo Group owner who doesn't want to disrupt his members (who are happy with an email-only list) by trying to get them all to move to a new service; yet wants an online-archive. Or maybe a group like Y!GMF whose subject matter is Yahoo-centric, and so it would feel a bit weird to host the discussion elsewhere. Quite possibly most groups that start this way would eventually take the step of having the members move to anyway.

Pressing on ...

1) Provide a "shortened" version of the email integration address.

I found that I could not get Yahoo to accept the integration address via Invite or -subscribe. They apparently don't allow the "+" character in subscribed email addresses.

I'm not sure exactly how to keep it out of the namespace of group posting addresses. Yahoo does seem to allow ".", so perhaps it could be:[hash] or maybe

I worked around this by subscribing my test group's posting address to the Yahoo Group -- but not vice-versa! No chance of a message loop that way.

Besides, if the Yahoo Group's address were a member of the group then all messages would have the display name of that member - an undesirable result as then it wouldn't be evident who the original poster was.

So a consequence of this workaround is that the Yahoo Group posts as a non-subscriber - which means always moderated. Workable, but also undesirable, hence the request for a shortened email integration address.

2) If the group's Hide Email Addresses In Archives option is set to Mask them, apply that also to Display Names on posted messages. Important: apply that always when viewed by a non-member (in a group with public messages).

Reason: the way Yahoo Groups mungs From addresses (for DMARC) puts the clear text of the sender's address into the Display Name part of the message's From field. Which (because it is a non-subscriber post) becomes the Display Name in the group's web pages. In most types of groups it would be undesirable to expose that on the group's web pages, and it would always be undesirable to expose that in publicly viewed messages.

3) Auto-strip the Yahoo Group's footer.

Apart from the obvious desire to remove clutter, the Y!G footer also has a clear-text of the posting member's address. At least this one is already subject to the Hide Email Addresses setting.


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