moderated How to index a on Google Search?

Homayon Reinhardt Chaudhry

Hello Group

First the good news: Our list was successfully transfered from the yahoo server to!

But…it has never been indexed by google. When trying to register it manually, Google would return an HTML-verification code to be uploaded and/or integrated into Wiki's head section. The code looks like that: <meta name="google-site-verification" content="p7Xn [her comes a long list with numbers and letters]" />.

Well I tried to insert the meta into the source-code of wiki, so that didn't work and finally there seems to be no way to upload google-html-files to Wiki.


When I asked the question some time back in Groups_Help. Shal suggested the " (and message) editor strips many HTML tags…to exclude HTML constructs that may be exploited by scammers…”. It should be something to be asked in beta as a suggestion that it’ll be permitted.


So here I am. Please advise and thx a lot.

Homayon Chaudhry

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