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Hi Mark,

Thanks so much for continuing to let several of us who were frustrated by the Yahoo glitches continue with the process!

On top of everything else my laptop pc was giving up the ghost so yesterday I had to make the 6 hour round trip drive to Albuquerque to spend more hours trying out dozens of laptops before I found one that will work for my needs; then today getting it at least partially up and running.  At this point I am at step 4 in the transfer process!

By the way, on another subject I saw somewhere that you were a pilot or otherwise interested in aviation at some point.  You might be interested to know that I am very involved with many nonprofit pilot and aviation groups, such as volunteer pilot patient transport groups like Angel Flight, LifeLine Pilots, Pilots for Patients, and many more; and other groups providing introductory flights for kids, supporting conservation and environmental support efforts, transporting veterans around to their care facilities, etc. etc.  There are tens of thousands of volunteer pilots in more than 70 such groups doing wonderful work

The umbrella nonprofit support group for them is called the Air Care Alliance and we are about to roll out our redesigned website and online automated referral system.  I have been considering setting up a discussion group that interfaces well with the site.  After we get through this current situation I will be investigating if might be just the vehicle for that part of our operations!

Again, thank you - believe me I know how much dedication and hard work it takes to make good things happen!

[ hoping my programmed signature works . . .]


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