moderated Re: Suggested change

Donald Hellen

Duane . . .

On Tue, 03 Dec 2019 12:03:38 -0800, "Duane" <txpigeon@...>

But there won't be any more YG transfers after Dec 5...

I thought it was Dec 14:

"However, no matter when you post something to a group, it’s still
going to get deleted, as Yahoo is still removing all content hosted on
Groups on December 14th."

Did they change the cutoff or was the reporting in that article
incorrect? I've read that in multiple places but that doesn't mean
those sources are correct, but they are usually so.

In either case it won't affect me as I have my groups archived. I just
want to be sure so I can run my archiver at the last minute to get
whatever the last "recorded" posts are.



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