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Donald Hellen

Eric . . .

On Tue, 03 Dec 2019 09:07:19 -0800, "Eric Johnson" <Toller67@...>

I agree that the crisis is close to over. However, the suggestion remains to cover any future moves be it one a week or a thousand. It would take an hour or two to set this in place and the benefits would always be there.
If this weren't so close to the deadline the two hours you say it
would take to implement this change might be feasible. Right now Mark
is working night and day with little sleep to get as many groups
transferred. He will run out of time at some point. He has limited
resources and right now the most limited resource is time.

To spend the two hours now might mean several groups will not get
transferred because he spent his time on doing that instead of
transfers. I think there's already enough information available for
people to follow the directions to get their transfer done.

If there is indeed benefit of having that information after Dec 14
(you said there would be some benefits in the future in it "always"
being there, I just don't understand how it would be useful after Dec
14), I'm sure your suggestion could be considered then. Suggesting it
now just means it will be lost in the commotion that's going on right
now. To expect it to be implemented now would mean some transfers
would be sacrificed just to do this.

I think Mark is going to take this transfer stuff right up to the last
possible minute. He will probably continue after Dec 14 as long as he
has group content downloaded already (before it disappears from Yahoo)
so he has something to transfer. Then he will run out of content and
will have to just say he did his best and the rest just didn't make it
in time.

You are in the right group to make the suggestion though. Just come
back after the Dec 14 Yahoo cutoff date and suggest it then with an
explanation of how it will be useful in the future. No sense in making
a case for it now as it will have to be ignored during this crisis.
Mark has already stated that he will not be spending time implementing
suggestions until after the transfers are all completed.



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