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Donald Hellen

Diane . . .

On Tue, 03 Dec 2019 03:55:45 -0800, "Yahoo Archive"
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As regards PGO-2-GIO it is my understanding that, for clearly obvious reasons, this will not go live until the Dec 14th YG cutoff OR it becomes impossible to move a group from YG to using the existing transfer facility provided by

I and a few others are working with beta versions of this program.
(I've worked with the developer before and he's a really nice guy.) It
will be set up to transfer groups' data but I can't say yet if you
uploaded all the messages you archived up until now if you can still
update it if there are more messages up until Dec 14. It will be
limited to a certain number of messages per group depending on the
license terms you pay for. I don't have the $ figures but they were
posted here or in one of the GMF groups.

Yahoo said they were cutting off new things going into the archive in
late October I think but I still see new messages appearing so I run a
catch-up on those groups to keep the messages current, rather than
wait until Dec 14, since we don't know if Yahoo will hiccup at the
wrong time and we won't be able to get those last few messages, ever.

You will need PG Offline to back up your group data (messages, photos,
files). Get that first and get started so that you're ready to upload
them all when the time comes. Then you'll use the message archive and
data you gathered to upload with the new program to a subgroup in your
new group.

Alternatively, you can start a new group and not invite any members
and set yourself to receive no mail, then cut loose and fill up the
group first with the old messages, then open it to new members and set
yourself back to receive new posts. (If you're not set to nomail for
the group or subgroup, expect thousands of messages in your inbox!)



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