moderated Re: Yahoo Groups transfers on and extended to December 5th

Hi Patty,

Your post made me think…(I just woke up).

After checking with them, I find both of my cats are agnostic too.  So I guess we’re BOTH “agnostic cat lovers"  ;<)




On Dec 3, 2019, at 12:32 AM, Patty Stokes <sandkittens@...> wrote:

Mark is - at minimum - a demigod. Evidence? Yahoo has become a hellscape, so a spark of divinity was needed! Or maybe Mark is Thor, hammering away until Yahoo's servers give up the goods.

My BerlinScholars group transferred tonight, within a couple hours of triggering the transfer (Step 5). Yay!! We got 6/7 of our 35,000 messages transferred.

Would it be reasonable - or greedy - to put in for a second transfer, this time for messages only, in hopes of scooping up some of the missing ~7000 messages from our archive? I don't want to gum up the works for others who are waiting. 

I've seen comments in these forums chastising Yahoo Group owners for not seeing how the wind was blowing years earlier. For sure, we saw the hellish dysfunction but were not aware of an alternative. Many were far from the tech world and busy with other duties: family, work, health problems, crises with kids/marriages/jobs/finances, and other volunteer commitments. I ticked every one of those boxes while serving as sole admin of a large group. Now, other group members have finally stepped up to help moderate my monster group in our hour of need, and for that I'm also grateful. 

I'm incredibly grateful to everyone at helping us navigate this transition! (I'm an agnostic cat lover, so if you don't want my kind of blessings, steer clear of felines!) What a wonderful community. THANK YOU.


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