moderated Re: Suggested change


On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 10:31 AM, Eric Johnson wrote:
If I may be so bold . . .

I would suggest a field on each page dealing with the transfer process that asks for the email of the owner or person in charge. That way that person can be notified of the completion of the step and advised what they should do next. That should reduce the traffic here and on GMF regarding each transfer.
Well, given that there are only a couple of days left, it isn't feasible. And you would need to suggest this to Beta group that Mark monitors.

But if people treated the process like a project, and followed each step, it might go easier. That being said, there is the spanner in the works - YG's acting up!

I would print out the instructions and tick off each one as they are completed. Go carefully, step by step. Read everything!
See these instructions -
Or these with screenshots -


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