moderated Re: Re= Re: [beta] Yahoo Groups transfers on and extended to December 5th


On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 9:13 AM Patty Stokes <sandkittens@...> wrote:
I’m ready to make the leap except for this:

When I used the Chrome extension to download my group’s messages last night, only 10k of the 35k were retrievable. This included many of the recent messages.

When I go to Yahoo I can see messages in short form (sender, subject, first line) but when I click to expand I get a blank box. These "blank-box messages”  are the ones that failed to transfer.

This is a manifestation of Yahoo's latest issues. My changes yesterday to our crawler mostly work around this, and I'm seeing very few unretrievable messages since the changes went into effect yesterday. Basically, I'm hammering Yahoo's servers; I massively parallelized the crawler and also if it gets a failure, it retries a lot more times than before, in rapid succession. These are admittedly hostile behaviors, and if I was running Yahoo's servers, I'd not be pleased. But it seems to do the trick.


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