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Kudos should be going to Mark for helping y'all get out of the mess that you let yourselves get into.

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From: J_Catlady
Date: 12/02/19 10:18:53
Subject: Re: [beta] Another Yahoo Groups outage #transferupdate
On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 07:38 AM, John Shotsky wrote:

Knowing that eventually, there would be a mass migration, I jumped early. .. too many people that waited until the very last minute. Yahoo (Verizon) is the cause of this confusion and difficulty, and the blame should be placed right in their hands.

Exactly right, and diplomatically said. I moved my group four years ago and have never looked back. Around then, some other yahoo group owners I was trying to help move were dissing me for pointing out yahoo's obvious and increasing failures. It's been very hard to bite my tongue and not express my utter shock that anyone now actually has notion to blame *Mark*, who is the one *rescuing* them from the the yahoo mess, for their predicament in not having moved when the going was good. He has gone above and beyond, and is now doing so again.  

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